Welcome new SL&RR Peer Educators and Program Partners

Did you know we have expanded our team? Over the recent months we have welcomed 9 new Peer Educators and 6 new Program Partners across Victoria and New South Wales.

In May, a training team including Rhys Nagas, Linda Stokoe, Patsie Frawley and Monica Wellington travelled to the Blue Mountains to train the new team. What a beautiful part of the world! Both the surrounds and the people. The new team had a been meeting regularly in the lead up to the training and were very well supported by their partner organisations in Blue Mountains Women’s Health Centre and Ability Links. A highlight was watching the trainee’s build confidence in themselves and to deliver the SL&RR program, and the sex health workshop delivered by Program Partner Sarala from Blue Mountains Women’s Health Centre. Donna, Cherie, Holly, Sarala and Paul, well done for completing your training in becoming Peer Educators and Program Partners. We are looking forward to seeing and hearing how you continue to be being involved in all things sex health and sexuality rights your local community.
Also a big congratulation to Rhys for completing your first train the trainer facilitation in SL&RR for ID.

This is an image of everyone who attended the training. From the left: Monica (trainer), Donna (Peer Educator), Cherie (Program Partner), Holly (Peer Educator), Sarala (Program Partner), Patsie (trainer), Linda (trainer), Rhys (trainer), Paul (Peer Educator)

In June we completed the first combined central SL&RR Peer Educator and Program Partner Training. All sites were invited to attend this training at Waurn Ponds Estate in Geelong and it was wonderful to see like minded people form different local areas coming together to share the experience. There were two people from the SL&RR South Eastern Melbourne site: Sarina and Jess, 1 person from Melbourne: Helen, 5 people from Gippsland: Julie, Beth, Georgia, Rachael, and Emily, and 2 people completing a refresher training from Bendigo: Bec and Kat. A highlight of this training was the sex health workshop from Jess who works at Women’s Health in the South East, seeing the new SL&RR stories from Johnno and Carol, and of course the food! The training team included Patsie Frawley, Amie O’Shea, Linda Stokoe and Monica Wellington.
Well done to everyone trained and we look forward to hearing how you fit back in with your site networks and hopefully run SL&RR in your local communities this year!

This is a photo of everyone who was trained in the 2019 central training. From the left: Georgia (Program Partner), Rachael (Program Partner), Emily (Peer Educator), Julie (Peer Educator), Kat (Peer Educator), Helen (Program Partner), Bec (Peer Educator), Beth (Peer Educator), Jess (Program Partner), and Sarina (Peer Educator)

In other SL&RR site news, Sydney based site Synapse, who completed their training in the SL&RR Brain Injury program in January, are planning to run the first SL&RR Brain Injury program in mid 2019. All the best!

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