SL&RR on Triple J

On Sunday 4th November Linda Stokoe and Amie O’Shea travelled to the ABC studio on Melbourne to feature on Triple J radio show ‘The Hook Up’. ‘The Hook Up’ is a show about all things sex, love and relationships and Amie and Linda were asked to come along to talk about sexuality and relationship rights for people with intellectual disability. First up, Amie was asked about issues in sex and consent for people with communication impairments or cognitive disabilities.

“What we have found consistently in our work, and it’s mirrored in other really good research in the US and UK, is that people are already having sex, but people are having sex that isn’t the best sex that they want to have. We know there are a couple of things which are really successful in addressing this, the first is Peer Education and the second is to unashamedly start in a position of rights… all of us as humans have the right to live in our bodies, express ourselves and present ourselves the way that we want to. We all have that right!”

Later in the show, Linda spoke about her role as a Peer Educator in SL&RR and why it’s important to have peer education rather than more traditional styles of education.

Every time I act as a peer educator and talk about the program (SL&RR) to every other person that has got an intellectual disability, it helps them out. They like to be like me…. have the power, have the right to be in a relationship. We are adults, we have got our rights to be sexual and have the privacy in our own home… and the get information if we need it.”

You can listen to the full podcast here:

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