SL&RR in the media

SL&RR has recently published an article titled ‘Sexual Lives & Respectful Relationships: working virtually’ in the most recent issue of IDA magazine. Have you seen it?

The article highlight our first virtual conference held back in May

Whilst physically held apart by a global pandemic, the Sexual Lives & Respectful Relationships network (SL&RR) continued to seek connection and professional learning. Bringing innovation and creativity to the fore allowed the third annual SL&RR conference to forge ahead, virtually! Although we are looking forward to seeing each other face to face again in the future, we have received many requests for more digital forums, where our network can connect with their peers, colleagues, domestic and international specialists, and the Deakin SL&RR research team from the comfort of their own homes.

You can read the article from page 13 here:

Click to access 3303_ida_volume_42_issue_3_sept_2020.pdf


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