SL&RR: Brain Injury Peer Educator and Program Partner training

Over December and January SL&RR trainers Amie O’Shea, Linda Stokoe and Rhys Nagas will be training new Peer Educators and Program Partners in Sydney for the SL&RR: Brain Injury program.

This program has been development through a collaboration between the SL&RR National team at Deakin University and Synapse to expand the SL&RR model for people with brain injury. This involved a research project collecting new stories from people with brain injury and developing some new program activities based on the key messages from the new stories. A Research Advisory Group, which was made up of people with lived experience of the brain injury and people who work in the brain injury rehab/service community and other SL&RR people, helped inform the research process.

The new Peer Educators and Program Partners will be talking about the new SL&RR: Brain Injury stories:

  • Emmet ‘Less lost than I used to be’
  • Max ‘We met on the internet’
  • Georgina ‘Simple Kisses’
  • Soraya ‘Not the nothing girl’

Welcome to new Peer Educators and Program Partners from Guthrie House, Synapse,  and Sydney Women’s Counselling Centre to our network! Stay tuned to hear more about how this training goes.

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