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New research about LGTBIQA+ people with intellectual disability

“Information Resources for the inclusion of LGBTQI People with Intellectual Disability”

We have started an exciting new three year research project in partnership with Inclusion Melbourne and Thorne Harbour Health, about information and inclusion for LGBTIQA+ people with intellectual disability. The project will involve LGBTIQA+ people with disability and their supporters working together to create the kind of information and resources that they wish were out there – what a great opportunity!

We are looking for awesome people to participate so if you would like more information, or to be part of the research, you can contact Amie

New research about young people with intellectual disability

“Connecting young people with intellectual disability for improved wellbeing and community connection: a focus on relationships and sexuality”

An exciting new project to explore creating resources about relationships and sexuality for young people with intellectual disability. This research aims to build the capacity for people to develop, have, and sustain positive personal, social, intimate and sexual relationships, and understand the role of community professionals to support people with intellectual disabilities in their learning about sexuality and relationships.

By collecting new stories and developing sexuality and relationships education materials, we hope to assist the experience of young people with intellectual disability aged 16-20 years in learning about their relationships rights. We are particularly interested in understand about the experience of young people when they learn in a group OR in one on one counselling.

If you would like to learn more about this project, please contact Monica

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