PODCAST: Identity, Sexuality and LGTBIQA+ people with intellectual disability

Dr Amie O’Shea recently featured on ASID’s podcast about Research to Practice called ‘Identity, sexuality and LGTBIQA+ people with intellectual disability’

She speaks about the completion of her PhD in 2018 about sexuality and relationship rights for young women with intellectual disability. Since then, she has been a trail brazer in advocating for the depth of Australian research projects needed to advocate for these rights.

In the PODCAST you can hear from her about SL&RR, her previous research, her most recent work and the need for this work to continue

“For a long time people I tried to talk about [sexuality rights for people with intellectual disability] and no body would listen. What’s really exciting now is that people are asking questions… and people are interested in paying attention to the whole of the person who they work with. What I want to see in the future is that we need to make sure that sexuality and relationship rights are given the same about of attention and the same amount of value as other parts of people’s lives”

Amie suggests this shift towards the right direction has happened because of the history of strong of advocacy in Australia. For example – the development of Rainbow Rights through self-advocacy groups DARU and SARU, and policy to practice type research , such as SL&RR.

You can listen to Amie’s podcast here: https://www.asid.asn.au/publications/podcasts

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