People of SL&RR: Sarina Rakidzic

My name is Sarina and I am a Peer Educator in the South-Eastern Melbourne site. I love animals, including my dog who loves a walk, and I also like playing video games and doing colouring in to help me relax.

I have been involved with SL&RR for about a year now, and I am going to the central training in Waurn Ponds in May-June to get trained. I first heard about the program when I saw a post on Facebook about a LGBTIQ pilot program and I thought “I want to be part of that!” so I did.

That was really unique, and a great experience. It was good to meet other LGBTIQ people with intellectual disability and realise we had lots of things in common. I looked at Emma, who was the Peer Educator for our group, and I thought “I want to do what she is doing!”

I have presented at conferences and talked about SL&RR and about my life. I think it is important that we get to have our say and to be heard. I’ve talked to trainee doctors and to sexuality researchers and told them what I think is important to know about our rights in sexuality and relationships.

I’m inspired by my parents – my Dad because he’s strong, and my Mum because she wants me to stand up for myself. My Mum is amazing. I’m also grateful for Amie O’Shea, because she believes in me and in me doing this work, and my boss because he thinks I can do it.

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