People of SL&RR: Danny Li

Meet Danny- a south-west Sydney-sider with a passion for making difference and giving back to the brain injury community. Danny is a Peer Educator with the SL&RR Synapse site who run the SL&RR brain injury program. He first became interested in SL&RRBI when he heard about it through Synapse. He took the the leap straight away. “Synapse called me up believing I would be a good fit for the program. I did not hesitate and offered to participate without knowing the full project at the time!” he says.

A highlight for him is the SL&RRBI stories. You might not have heard that the SL&RR brain injury program has new stories from Emmet, Soraya, Georgina, Max, Julie, Chris, David and Selma. Danny says that he was able to resonate with most of the stories, no matter the age, gender, injury or any other characteristics.

He is a very reflective person and loves public speaking. He says that his experience recovering from brain injury has helped to make him an ideal person to speak about first-hand experience to connect and relate to an audience. What great characteristics of being a peer! In September he presented with Amie O’Shea at the Australia Social Policy Conference in Sydney. Day to day he works in marketing with News Corp Australia and he has also worked on the Synapse Research Advisory Group. He says that his work as a Peer Educator and his public speaking experience has helped him to speak up in these roles too.

Danny is inspired by movies based on true stories from people like Oprah, Chris Gardner, and Richard Branson. “The fact that these people who made history even though their journey was not an easy one”

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