Mean As: Kiwi stories from people with disability

In Aotearoa New Zealand, when people say “Mean As!” they usually mean something is pretty “awesome!”

Our respectful relationships research sibling from across the ditch has launched their long-awaited Mean As library. You have have heard Paul Milner from the Donald Beasley Insitiute speak about this at the SL&RR conference or the Sexuality and Disability Masterclass last year.

The Mean As Project invites Māori men and women with a learning disability (this is the same as intellectual disability in Australia) living in New Zealand communities to tell us about their own stories about relationships and sexuality.

Patsie Frawley spent some time in New Zealand over 2019, and worked closely with the research team in the development of these stories.

The stories are:

“I am a Good Man”

“I’ve got this chance now and I don’t want to blow it

“I wish we were current”

“Ko te Pūrākau o Tipa”

“Love yourself pretty much before you love anyone else”

“Sometimes I write letters”

“We don’t jump fences anymore, we walk through our own gate”

Many of the stories are available in written and spoken formats, and one in song.

You can read more about the project and see the full rnage of stories here:

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