SL&RR Gippsland

Gippsland SL&RR Network was set up in 2010, and it spans the Gippsland region, from Warragul in the West across to the NSW border in the east. Our network includes people from local government, violence prevention services and the community. Gippsland Centre against Sexual Assault (GCASA) is our auspice and, in partnership with our community, we deliver programs across the Gippsland region to empower people with intellectual disability to know their sexuality rights.

To get in contact with the Gippsland local network please contact


Ginger Ekselman

Ph. 5134 3922



  • SL&RR Gippsland

Peer Educators

  • Rachael Waters
  • Julie Brasington
  • Emily Seton

Program Partners

  • Alisha Gilliland
  • Helen Spicer


  • Rebecca Pantry
  • Marina Marino
  • Danielle Clarke
  • Joanne Bedford