Having a Say conference 2020

The 2020 Having a Say (HaS) Conference was 24th-26th February at Deakin University Geelong Waterfront Campus. Deakin & SL&RR shared a stall in the HaS expo which was attended by Linda, Fi, Julie, Amie, Patsie, Kate, Jo, Angela and Monica. It as fantastic to showcase SL&RR and throughout the conference we had several people show their interest in being involved with SL&RR in the future.

On Monday, Deakin presented on inclusive art based therapy. Associate Professor Angela Dew lead this presentation which was titled ‘My life is good because….. using the art to explore the good things in life’. The aim of this session was for people to outline their body on butchers paper and cut and paste things they love in their life to the outlined body. It was fantastic to see the attendees reflect on their life and describe how this made them who they are today.

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This is a photo of Linda and Angela sitting behind the SL&RR expo desk.
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This is a wide span of the room. You can see people working on their body map art.

On Tuesday SL&RR Gippsland and South East sites shared a room to present their own work. Well done to Sarina, Ross, Ginger and Jess from SL&RR South East site who presented about how they work together as a group. They also reflected on the involvement of their group member Jackie Kauren. Sadly, Jackie passed away in 2019 so it was nice to pay respect and remember her passion and drive.
Also, well done to Julie, Emily, Alisha and Maria from the SL&RR Gippsland site who presented on their work to date.

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This is a photo of Emily, Maria, Julie and Alisha sitting and presenting on SL&RR in found of people sitting in an auditorium.
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This is a photo of Ginger, Sarina, Ross and Jess standing behind a lectern and presenting on SL&RR.

Also on Tuesday, we caught up with the extended SL&RR network and shared lunch together. Thanks to those who came: Emily, Sarina, Dagmar, Ross, Ginger, Karleen, Maria, Emily, Julie, Alisha, Fi, Linda, Janice, John, Amie, Patsie & Monica.

This is a photo of everyone to came to the SL&RR lunch sitting around a large meeting table

On Wednesday, Patsie had the honour to award the conference’s Pentland-Banfield award to Sonia Hume from Our Watch in Tasmania for speaking up about closing institutions and living in the community.

Thanks to Valid for organising another successful Having a Say Conference. We will see you all again next year!

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