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  • The Endeavour Research Project is recruiting story tellers

Are you someone with an intellectual disability aged between 16-20 years old and your want to tell you story? Get in touch with Monica at monica.wellington@deakin.edu.au or 03 5227 3020 

Connecting young people- story teller recruitment




Previous Events

SL&RR hosted the first SL&RR online conference in May 2020

SL&RR: Brain Injury will be presenting at the 2020 Virtual Disability Conference on March 31st

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SL&RR presented at the 2020 Having a Say conference in February. Thank you and congratulation to Julie, Emily, Alisha and Maria from SL&RR Gippsland and Ross, Sarina, Jess and Ginger from SL&RR South East site.

Amie O’Shea and Linda Stoke presented on SL&RR at the 2020 Respect. Prevent. Respond. conference at Deakin Downtown in February in a presentation titled “Nothing about us without us: Peer education in sexual lives and respectful relationships for people with intellectual disabilities”



SL&RR hosted a Sexuality and Disability Masterclass on the 28th March 2019 at Deakin Downtown. Presenters included:

    • Associate Professor Michael Gill, Syracuse University, New York
    • Paul Milner, Donald Beasley Institute, New Zealand
    • Associate Professor Patsie Frawley & Linda Stokoe, Deakin University
    • Dr Amie O’Shea, Rhys Nagas, & Sarina Rakidzic, Deakin University
    • Nathan Despott, Inclusion Melbourne

Amie visited Sweden to attend the VIP:RR conference in March 2019

Linda, Amie and Patsie presented at the WWILD Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month Round Table in May

Amie and Sarina Rakidzic presented at the University of Melbourne Medical Students seminar on Sexual Health for people with disabilities in May.

Amie O’Shea, Monica Wellington & Linda Stokoe presented at DARU’s Advocacy Sector conversations forum in Melbourne on Tuesday the 9th July 2019.

Associate Professor Patsie Frawley attended the 2019 IASSID World Congress in Glasgow in August 2019 and presented on sexuality rights and a paper written by Amie O’Shea on the SL&RR LGTBIQ pilot program in 2018.

Amie O’Shea presented with Synapse site Peer Educator Danny, at the 2019 Australian Social Policy Conference in Sydney in September. Their paper was titled “Sexuality and relationship rights for people with acquired brain injury”

This is a photo of the SL&RR Western and Northern Melbournes team presenting at the 2018 HaS conference.

19th anniversary VALID Having a Say conference at Deakin University Waterfront Campus, Geelong. SL&RR Western Melbourne and SL&RR Northern Melbourne collaborated to present ‘Sexuality and Relationships- talking about rights in SL&RR’ in the ‘Come and talk to Deakin’ series.

This is a photo of Amie O’Shea and Shea Macdonough before their panel presentation at the 2018 Better Together conference in Melbourne.

‘Better Together’ Conference, Melbourne Amie O’Shea and Shea Macdonough where invited on a panel discussion.

This is a photo of Shea Macdonough, Linda Stokoe and Patsie Frawley at the DHHS ‘preventing Abuse’ Workshop.

DHHS ‘Preventing Abuse’ Workshop organised by Scope. Linda Stokoe, Shea Macdonough and Patsie Frawley presented.

This is a photo of Amie O’Shea and Linda Stokoe presenting online at the National Virtual Disability Conference. There is also someone interpreting the presentation on the screen.

National Virtual Disability Conference in March 2018. Amie O’Shea and Linda Stokoe presented ‘Sexual Lives & Respectful Relationships: A peer education sexuality and relationships program by and for people with intellectual disability’.

This is a photo of the audience watching Hannah’s Story at the 2018 University of Melbourne Medicine Student Conference.

University of Melbourne, MD Student Conference in June 2018. Amie O’Shea, Shea Macdonough, Sarina Rakidzic and Patsie Frawley presented on. ‘’Sexual IDentity: Relationships, Sexuality and Sex Education for People with Intellectual Disability’.

This is a photo of Patsie Frawley and Linda Stokoe at the IASSIDD conference in New Zealand.

ASID NZ, Wellington, New Zealand in July 2018. Linda Stokoe, Amie O’Shea and Patsie Frawley ‘The right to live a sexual life: Challenging sexual ableism and the ‘only if approach through peer education.

2018 SL&RR Conference Deakin Downtown

SL&RR Conference, October 2018. SL&RR will host the second SL&RR Conference in Melbourne on 26th October 2018.

Dr Amie O’Shea presented at the AGMC’s Living and Loving in Diversity conference in Melbourne

2018 ASID conference, Gold Coast, QLD. Patsie Frawley, Amie O’shea, Linda Stokoe, Sarina Rakidzic, Ginger Ekselman (SECASA) and Nathan Despott (Inclusion Melbourne) presented a Symposium on Sexuality rights.

ANU School of Sociology ‘Happy Anniversary? Reflecting on Marriage Equality’ Symposium, Canberra, November 2018. Patsie Frawley and Shea Macdonough presented together.

    Queer Legacies conference, Melbourne, November 2018. Amie O’Shea and Sarina Rakidzic presented on sexuality rights and inclusion of the LGTBIQ community.

17th annual VALID Having a Say conference in February at the Deakin University Waterfront Campus in Geelong. SL&RR also presented a ‘Come and talk to Deakin’ series with an information table in the foyer.

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National Disability Services Research to Action conference, Melbourne, February 2017. Patsie Frawley presented keynote.

‘Sex, sexuality and the rights of people with a disability’ forum, Melbourne University, April 2017 – Presentation by Linda Stokoe and Patsie Frawley

Family Planning Victoria: The Pleasure Agenda, Melbourne May 2017– Presentation by Patsie Frawley

SexRurality (Centre for Excellence in Rural Sexual Health), Lancefield, Victoria, 1-2 August 2017.  Amie O’Shea, Emily Ardley & Victoria Cini presented a plenary discussion on ‘Connecting people with an intellectual disability and sexual health: Partnerships in communities’

This is a picture of Emily Ardley speaking in the Workshop on * at the 2017 CERSH SexRurality conference.

TAC Quality and Safeguarding Forum in Melbourne. Patsie Frawley was invited to present keynote

Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria Forum in Morwell, Victoria. Alisha Gilliand and Emily Arldey presented about SL&RR.

This is a photo of Emily Ardley and Alisha Gilliland presenting at the CHASE Symposium in Melbourne.

Deakin University’s Centre for Health for Action on Social Exclusion (CHASE) symposium ‘Promoting Social Inclusion through Workplaces’. Emily Ardley, Alisha Gilliand, and Amie O’Shea presented on “Employing the experts: Sexual Lives and Respectful Relationships peer educators at Deakin University”.

This is a photo of Millie Olcay at the GSS symposium.

Deakin University Gender and Sexuality Studies First Fridays Seminar Series in Melbourne. Millie Olcay presented ‘Current Research in gender and sexuality studies at Deakin’.

This is a photo of Patsie Frawley, Emily Ardley and Amie O’Shea standing at the from of the room during their presentation at the PAC RIM conference in Hawaii.

33rd Annual Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity in Honolulu, USA. Amie O’Shea, Patsie Frawley and Emily Ardley presented and Linda Stokoe assisted the team to develop their paper ‘”Because I’ve Walked in their shoes”: Sexuality and relationships in peer education for people with intellectual disability.’

SL&RR hosted the inaugural SL&RR conference in Melbourne. All SL&RR Peer Educators and Program Partners were invited to attend.

This is a picture of Dr Amie O’Shea holding a microphone to her hand and presenting at the SL&RR conference.

This is a photo of Patsie Frawley (far right) and colleagues at the IASSIDD conference in Thailand.

4th Annual Asia Pacific regional congress of IASSIDD in Bangkok, Thailand. Patsie Frawley presented in a forum on decision making and chaired a panel on Peer education- A Way to Talk about the Right to be Sexual: A Positive Pathway to Parenting.

This is a photo of Dr Amie O’Shea presenting at the 2017 Disability Matters Conference in New Zealand

Disability Matters conference in Dunedin, New Zealand. –Amie O’Shea presented ‘On being ‘slightly engaged’: Re-defining and negotiating romantic relationships and Patsie Frawley presented ‘The right to be sexual and have sexual relationships- the missing right in UNCRPD’.

Centre for Health through Action on Social Exclusion forum, Melbourne, November 2017. SL&RR presented ‘Employing the experts: Sexual Lives and Respectful Relationships Peer Educators at Deakin University’.

VALID Having a Say conference, Geelong, Victoria. Presentation by Patsie Frawley Alisha Gilliland, Emily Ardley and Helen about the LSSL:RR pilot in Gippsland.

15th IASSIDD conference in Melbourne. Patsie Frawley presented on Sexuality and Gender.

National Strengthening Disability Advocacy conference (Melbourne). Dr Patsie Frawley presenting on safeguarding for people with disabilities.

IASSID congress in Vienna, Italy. Patsie Frawley and Dr Nathan Wilson presented ‘Becoming the sexual person I want to be: an analysis of young adults’ with intellectual disabilities’ experience, understanding and use of  sexuality and relationship education and information’ and ‘”Accidental Counsellors”: transition staff supporting the sexuality of young adults with intellectual and disability’

International Association for the Scientific Study of intellectual Disabilities congress in Canada, 2012. Patsie Frawley and Amie O’Shea presented their paper called ‘Relationship education by people with an intellectual disability’

2012 Gender, Sexuality and Disability conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. Patsie Frawley and Janice Slattery presented keynote.

‘Everybody’s business: Stopping the abuse and neglect of people with intellectual disability’ in Brisbane, Australia, 2012. SL&RR was invited to present their research.

11th Nordic Network on Disability research conference 2011 in Iceland. Patsie Frawley and Janice Slattery presented about SL&RR research.

45th annual ASID conference, 2010 in Brisbane, QLD. SL&RR presented ‘Peer education in a Respectful Relationships program: An excellent idea! Findings from a current study’.

2009 Disability Support Workers Conference, Brisbane. Patsie Frawley, Amie O’Shea and John Willis, who was from Golden City Support Services in Bendigo, presented ‘Sexuality & Relationship support for people with an intellectual disability: Policy to practice’ https://dsw.org.au/