Deakin students working with SL&RR

You may remember Grace McArther. Grace completed an honours project with Patsie and Amie in 2019. Some students opt to do honours projects which are usually a 1-2 hour extension of a university degree to learn more about research. Grace’s project was about about creating accessible resources for women with disabilities who experience violence and abuse and it was unique by that it was a snippet of a much larger project by the SL&RR team in partnership with 1800RESPECT.

Grace reflects on her honours project:

I have a strong interest in health promotion and preventing violence against women, so when the opportunity came up to do an honours project in this area, I jumped at the chance. I worked with Amie O’Shea and Patsie Frawley as my supervisors, and my project was called ‘Women with disabilities: promoting rights to access violence, sexuality and relationship services’, which contributed to the 1800RESPECT Disability pathways project

You can read more about Grace’s experience here

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