Congratulations to Shane Edwards for being awarded the 2018 Janice Slattery Award

Through his involvement in the SL&RR western metropolitan network since 2015, Shane has demonstrated strong leadership skills and outstanding contribution in running the SL&RR Program.  He rarely misses a meeting and is always putting his hand up to help out where he can. Shane gets along well with everyone in the network and is a calm, caring and considered person. In addition to providing ideas about the SL&RR program, Shane also helped cohealth develop their first Disability Action Plan by providing ideas about how cohealth could be more welcoming and easier to access for people with disabilities.

Shane is a strong advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and is always encouraging people to speak up for themselves. Whilst there have been times when Shane has been challenged by the program (like when he ran a program with a group of people who didn’t even want to say the word ‘sex’), he hasn’t given up. He has kept going and has been able to learn and grow from these challenges. Shane’s passion and energy to promote the rights of people with disability and achieve positive outcomes in the Sexual Lives & Respectful Relationships program has provided a positive outcome for all who have worked with Shane.

Congratulations Shane!