The Team

Patsie Frawley

Patsie Frawley is an Associate Professor of Disability & Inclusion. She is the Course Director of Deakin’s postgraduate program in Disability and Inclusion and leads the Sexual Lives and Respectful Relationships program. Patsie’s research is in intellectual disability and sexuality, sexual abuse prevention and responses, self advocacy and political participation. Along with research on sexuality through the Sexual Lives & Respectful Relationships program her most recent research looked at inclusion and access for women and girls with disabilities in violence and abuse response services across Australia.

What’s your favourite thing about the SL&RR program?

SL&RR is a big part of my work – every day there is something new happening and to be proud of and it all comes back to the great commitment and talent of our Peer Educators. They are the leaders in this program

Amie O’Shea

Amie O’Shea is the National SL&RR Co-ordinator and a Research Fellow at Deakin University. She is currently working on research into the SL&RR model and its practice across Australia. Amie is leading the work with Synapse NSW to adapt the SL&RR program for people with acquired brain injury, and also working with Inclusion Melbourne on a project funded by the Gay and Lesbian Foundation of Australia (GALFA), to address the needs of LGBTIQA+ people with intellectual disability. You can contact Amie with any questions about the SL&RR program, its model or establishing a site in your area.

What’s your goal for SL&RR in the future?

Since 2008 SL&RR has shown the capacity of peer education in the intellectual disability space, and it continues to adopt a rights based approach to sexuality and relationships as well as a mainstream violence prevention framework. I’m looking forward to continuing to work in this space and seeing people’s capacity and rights further acknowledged.

Monica Wellington

Monica Wellington is a Program Assistant with SL&RR. She originally started as a student intern, but now she works to support the sites in an administrative capacity. You can contact her for matters such as SL&RR events, printing or resource needs. In 2018, she will be working more closely alongside Amie in a Research Assistant role.

What’s your highlight about transitioning from being an intern to become and full member of the team?

That would have to be professional skills development and opportunity to meet so many new faces. A highlight was being a part of the organisation of our inaugural Professional Development day in 2017 and the rush of the atmosphere in the room when so many likeminded people where working and collaborating together across the day.

Linda Stokoe

Linda Stokoe, Lead Peer Educator. Linda has been with SL&RR since 2009 and works in various duties as the Lead Peer Educator. Linda has been involved in many new site trainings, resource development, program revision and evaluation.

What’s your favourite memory from over the years working with SL&RR?

My favourite memory since 2009 is going out to other sites training new Peer Educators and Program Partners and doing the research work to help the program.