SL&RR is for people who want to talk about having respectful relationships in their lives.

Together Peer Educators and Program Partners form local networks that work together to promote, further develop and evaluate the program and to connect it to other local advocacy, community and womens health or abuse prevention work.

The SL&RR model and program are unique. It focuses on ideas of rights, privacy and respect within relationships using stories told by people with intellectual disability and gathered through research. People with intellectual disability are engaged across all levels of the program and drive the ongoing development of the model

SL&RR sites run in various locations across Australia. You can learn about our sites here.

SL&RR is working in partnership with two international ion programs, VIP:RR in Eskilstuna Municipality, Sweden and Donald Beasley Institute in New Zealand.

In 2018, SL&RR is piloted a specific program for the LGTBIQ + community in Geelong. Keep up to date with Dr Amie O’Shea’s work here.

In 2018, SL&RR partnered with Synapse, an advocacy and support service for people with acquired brain injury (ABI), to develop a SL&RR program for people with ABI.