The National Disability Leadership Awards


The National Disability Leadership Awards took place yesterday, and SL&RR had a couple of nominations –– the SL&RR program in the ‘Inclusion Award’ category, and Janice Slattery for the ‘Leslie Hall Award for Lifetime Achievement’. With much excitement, we can tell you … both won!




Deakin University’s Sexual Lives and Respectful Relationships (SL&RR) LGBTIQ+ program was nominated for and won the Inclusion Award. The selection process examined a project’s “designing processes, systems or programs which illustrate the diversity of disabled people as equal contributors to achieving outcomes”. SL&RR’s nomination, supported by PRIDEVIC and South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault and Family Violence (SECASA), recognised the LGBITQ+ program as an outstanding inclusion program. The award was presented by Damian Griffis, CEO of the First People’s Disability Network (FPDN). Accepting on behalf of SL&RR, project lead Dr Amie O’Shea said, “This project is an example that you don’t need a lot of money to do something good––you just need great people.”



Janice Slattery was nominated for and won the Lesley Hall Award for Lifetime Achievement. An outstanding member of the SL&RR community, Janice has been a tireless and committed advocate for and with people with intellectual disability for over 30 years. The SL&RR program honours Janice through The SL&RR Janice Slattery Award, founded in 2018; awarded to a Peer Educator or Program Partner who has shown outstanding contribution to the work of their SL&RR site. Put forward by Associate Professor Patsie Frawley, Janice’s nomination was also supported by Deakin University Hon Professor Kelley Johnson and SL&RR Peer Educator Linda Stokoe. In her letter of support for Janice, Linda spoke of how Janice “has inspired [her] to do things around leadership”. Throughout her long career as an advocate and self-advocate, Janice has been an invaluable and admirable contributor to women’s health for the disability community; to various programs; and to research. Of her own work, Janice says she “has enjoyed [her] time [on various projects] over the years” and that she “was just happy to be a part of the team”. Janice’s positive impact on her community, recognised in the award, speaks volumes of her commitment and valuable lifetime contribution.

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